13 Surprising Interior Design Trends in 2021

Because of everything that took place in the previous year, people had no choice but to seek safety in the comforts of their own houses. Extra time at home also brought homeowners determination and a bounty of ideas to replenish their interiors and make them more cozy-looking and closer to their personal styles.

  1. Houseplants

Incorporating plants into interiors of houses began its popularity in 2020 when homeowners had a lot of time in their hands to nurture a flora indoors. Houseplants can immediately transform any dull space into a room that is teeming with life, full of vibrance and a welcoming feel.

  1. Sustainable materials

More and more homeowners are slowly gaining consciousness and making sustainable decisions even when it comes to interior decorating. There has been an increase in sales of certified sustainable furniture manufacturers as people opt for materials and products that won’t create a negative impact to the environment.

  1. Easy to clean fabrics and surfaces

Both health and safety are the focus of everyone right now which is why there’s no doubt that easy to clean spaces are going to be among the interior design trends of this year. Non-porous materials such as glass and metal, and upholsteries that require no-fuss cleaning and help curb the spread of germs indoors are likely to be used throughout living spaces, especially in houses where children are present.

  1. Oversized tiles

In continuance with the subject of keeping spaces clean, opting for oversized tiles instead of those teeny-tiny penny tiles are an excellent way to save time in tidying up and getting rid of grout. Larger scale tiles means less grout lines and minimal visual appearance.

  1. Functional outdoor spaces

Functional outdoor spaces will definitely rise up in popularity this 2021 because homeowners are longing to get back to travelling and enjoying nature. Creating a space in the backyard or garden that you can utilize for entertaining or for lounging around is a smart and convenient way of relishing the outdoors.

  1. Home office as focal point

Our houses bear multiple functions since all activities had to be moved indoors. People who work from home had to put together for themselves a corner in their houses that will provide the space needed to induce thought and promote productivity. This trend is likely to stay in 2021 as long as social distancing is still imposed.

  1. Doors and dividers

Much of interior designing means working with what you have. The sudden need to work from home made people come up of ways on how to convert a space into an office and dividers are just the answer to their dilemma. Closets are commonly separated by a room divider so it can double as a work space.

  1. Neon signs

Gen Z has a growing preference for customized neon word art in funky fonts and neon-hued LED lights which is why it is included in this list. Fluorescent light fixtures add a dash of vibrance and individuality into any room.

  1. Maximalism

Minimal interiors have been the trend for the past years but for 2021, there is a high chance that maximalism will start a spurge of popularity. The thing is, most people shy away from maximalism with the fear of messing it up. But maximalism, when done right, can actually create such a unique and interesting space with an eccentric look.

  1. Distant shores

We all miss travelling, that’s a fact. Incorporating ocean hues from deep inky tones through to soft aquas and tropical prints will harbor the tranquility, greenery and relaxing tone of the distant beach into your home.

  1. Earth tones

Warm, comforting earth tones are more preferred over cool grays because homeowners want to have a more relaxed space with a soothing palette. This trend in interior design won’t go away in 2021 as people are still expected to spend most of their time indoors.

  1. Cottagecore

Cottagecore rose to fame in 2020 whether it is in fashion, aesthetic and now, including interior designs. Simplicity, comfort, soft fabrics and elegant, vintage accents are what makes a cottagecore interior theme.

  1. Grandmillenial style

Vintage, floral patterns with striking, bold colors create a space filled with nostalgia and reflect a longing for the comfort of your Grandmother’s house. Grandmillenial style of interior design is expected to be a trend for 2021 as millenials decorate their spaces with a romantic, sentimental vibe.

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