16 Flowers that Grow All Year

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Annual flowers are great options because you want a flashy and bright color of bloom that can grow and last for a whole season. It will keep your garden fresh and new throughout the year. These blooms tend to grow faster and make flowers for a long time. But like other flowers, they are sensitive to climates that require more tender care. Before we dive into these flowers, you might want to check Abdoflorist in Greenacre Sydney for your flower delivery.

Here is the list of flowers you can consider in your next gardening season:

Sweet Pea

This is a cool-season favorite that can quickly grow from its seed. The vines can climb in tendrils and usually need a trellis to grow up to 10 feet.  Sweet pea flowers are used commonly in making perfumes due to their delicate and sweet scent.


Petunia can come in a diverse variety of colors like pink, red and blue. This variety can grow an inch each day, easy to care of, and are a favorite of novice gardeners.


This bloomer releases a spicy clove scent and is frost-tolerant. Stock flowers are ideal for making and filling out a bouquet a d a garden.


This variety is one of the gardener’s favorite because of its big blooms, and it’s easy to pair with different flowers.


Marigolds are very popular because of their ability to bloom all summer. The bright colors of these flowers make their way to becoming popular choices in gardens and bouquets.


This is also known as Madagascar periwinkle. Known for its non-stop blooming all-throughout the summer and because of its standing blue color.


Cornflowers bloom beautifully in early spring. It is used in a cottage garden alongside roses, poppies, and dame’s rocket.


This strong flower is a popular choice in making bouquets because its petals do not easily fall and dry. It always steals the show whenever this flower is in the garden.


These edible flowers are the best choice for salads and soups.  It can also be made as an essential oil to help hydrate and heal the skin.


During the drabber winter season, this English primrose variety can brighten up your home and bring a calm effect. But this winter flower has a short span of life.

Flowering Kale

Flowering kale can catch an eye because of its enormous and beautiful leaves, and it produces the best colors in more excellent weather conditions.


This variety is a fragrant flower with mouth like petals. With its various shapes and colors, it is perfect for designing flowers.

African Daisy

African daisies work equally well in containers and gardens. But the funky color of this variety, it’s hard to combine with other flowers.

Sweet Alyssum

This delicate carpet of tiny flowers with a sweet and subtle scent. Sweet Alyssum is an excellent season flower that can set out in early spring.


Pansy is cheerful and blooming flowers among the winter color flowers. These can be seen in many homes and gardens because it’s very classic and easy to grow.


Dianthus are fragrant blooms, and it features bluish-grey foliage when they are in full color.

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