Interior Design. Guiding ideas

25th January 2013

One of the most sought-after designer’s professions today is a profession of interior designer. It’s not an easy job that requires special education, work experience, and knowledge of materials, but that’s another story

There are things that we cannot do without during the creation (and subsequent realization) of a design project.

Inspiration comes in the first place. A movie, a book, or a fashion show can serve as a source of inspiration; you can also have a look at and analyze the best interiors in the world. No wonder that this practice never fails when it comes to artists who are advised to study works of the great masters of painting.

Time that you have for creation of the design project should be distributed in such a way that it was enough to collect material, draw sketches, for competent visualization and "chatting" on the phone. Or else you show the customer a patched-up variant of redevelopment, and there is no fridge in the kitchen. And you start going like that the kitchen is so small that there is no place for a refrigerator, let's ... (and here you should make up a brilliant suggestion, where to put a damn fridge). What is more, when everything is ready, and you're hanging around all day near the computer screen with sandwiches and a cup of cold tea and rearrange a lamp in the project for the twentieth time, which does not want to throw the desired shadow. And, finally, when you receive an excellent result, you hear from the customer the desired: "That’s what I need".

Understanding. Most problems that arise in the process of the project implementation consist in misunderstanding, inability to find a common language or incorrectly formulated technical requirements. It’s difficult, but you should try to understand the client, who wants his home to be different from others, but certainly it should resemble that interior he/she saw in the magazine. It is very important to listen, hear and ask instead of imposing your brilliant opinion of a professional interior designer "straight off the reel"! You should also understand the workers who usually do not deal with such an inventive and meticulous person like you. Whether you can later boast of the results of your (and not only your) work depends on how well you explain all the nuances of your design project.

And the most important thing is the mood. Smile and leave your bad mood for later, and share good emotions with others, because even Horace said: "Control your passion or it will control you."