Plywood in interiors

1st April 2014

Plywood can be easily called a versatile material. Plywood has probably no analogues with regard to durability, environmental friendliness, ease of handling and affordability. Through the use of plywood you will realize your most daring and sophisticated ideas. Genuine wooden surface of the panel being elegant decorative material, will add a sense of natural atmosphere to your interior.

Decorative plywood panels will help you to focus on the wall or ceiling of the room and change the perception of space. In small and dark rooms, you can use the panels of light shades, while in the spacious and bright rooms darker shades will be more suitable. Plywood panels can be used to decorate the wall in horizontal and vertical directions, depending on what you wish.

The use of plywood allows uniting the interior by architectural idea of ​​simple shapes and materials, creating a single and very unusual space.

plywood panels