Media facades

24th June 2013

Media facades in building design are integrated visual solutions that join architecture, media, ads and art together. Media facade can cover the whole building or a part of it that in its turn makes possible to render large-scale and colourful display. So it is a huge advertising panel and important architecture element, that emphasizes the unique originality and gives the major status to the building.

Media facade is a dynamic frame for a static forms, which makes possible to enliven architecture with different visual effects and to establish a connection between building and people. This connection makes building a place of interest, which is wanted to see and talked over. Nowadays there are many already realized projects in different countries.

Each project is based on definite ideas of media facade. Here are some of them:

Combination of displays. Variety of combinations of certain displays could work separately or as parts of entire visual image. Striking example - Cocor MediaChannel in Bucharest

Huge media areas. Any high or long building can be an extra-large display, which makes dominating structure out of it for a few kilometers. You could see that by example of Bayer tower in Germany

Curve and straight lines. There is a possibility to install media facades of different shapes and radii. As an example - installations at New York's Time's Square

Transparency. Using of media stripes for large areas creates capability to save outer look of facade. Successful projects have made in this style - Miami Media Mesh for American Airlines Arena and office facade of T-Mobile in Germany.

Interactivity and integration. Media facade can «talk» and interact with people. As an example can be Hermes boutique in Tokio and Vitrine in Montreal

Today ARTKRYLA design group and producer of LED displays ЕКТА are ready to realize the most excited projects of media facades, which will become the famous places to see and the visiting card not only of Kyiv and Ukraine but of the whole Europe.